Natasha Sinha Singla

Managing Director


Our Story

“Every reward is not always monetary, but the joy of transforming a place, bringing a vision to life and creating an artistic story, is a fulfilling experience in its own.”


Pleasing environments are a reflection of human design. They are theories of Balance, Symmetry and perfect proportions.

Being faithful to the Company’s DNA, we believe in product quality and finish quality to the last inch of every product and creating an environment which is enticingly inviting .

We help you imagine one room or an entire home, respecting hierarchy and important relationship between architecture, furniture and decor that creates harmony.

We develop a detailed proposal tailored to your needs, by offering storyboards and product ideas that will convert your place where u will love spending time.

EDC was born out of love and passion for design. Her inclination towards art has evolved over time and travelling. Historical art has influenced and inspired her to find deeper meanings and create visions.

Every product and design has her own personal touch and no piece big or small, passes without the critical scrutiny of her eye.

From conception , production of prototype till the final piece, proper attention is given to detail.

Wishing to tell a different story with every project !


EDC offers endless product categories bringing style and comfort while maintaining the values and sensibilities of each client.

Customisation is available as per design, size, colour and finishes. Well finished products is the USP of our Company and sets us apart.

  • Residential Luxury Furniture
  • New Age Modern
  • Distressed / Shabby chic
  • Poly finished
  • Modernity with Metal
  • Neoclassical
  • Garden Furniture
  • Cafe Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Luxury Lights
  • Decor and Artefacts
  • Picture to Form (Customisation of any picture, just like the picture)

We work with various craftsmen, each mastering their own art to create a balance of tradition and design.