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Elsa Design Co.

Furniture adds character to any given space. EDC balances comfort with design to provide high quality products with exceptional detailing. We carefully plan your furniture, tailored to your needs to make you fall in love with your space.
Contact us for a full range of furniture, decorative lighting and decor, from objects to projects!

When your architecture and space planning is on completion. Your entire wall treatments, ceilings and flooring is executed.
The next step is your furniture.
Furniture will add character and set the entire theme of the place.  The right selection of Master pieces mixed with the right combination of supporting pieces will make all the difference.  The furniture combination will catch the most attention and you cannot afford to go wrong with it.
EDC has professionals on board who collectively plan your selection according to the movement area, interior finishes, wall treatments and keeping the client’s personal choice in mind. We need to strike the right balance between minimal and bulky. We propose items and story boards which eventually stands perfect for your given space.
The next step is accessorising with a decor and lighting range, we trust no other than our handpicked exclusive pieces.
We definitely perceive Interior as Fashion !
Rajeev Jarial Google Review

Had a very good experience shopping with Elsa design! Their designs are elegant and creative and are quite different from regular stores. They can custom it for your taste. Highly recommended.

Siddharth Sinha Google Review

Elsa Design Co. is the Number 1 place for amazing range of high class very unique furniture and home decor products ! They have great knowledge and design concepts for any kind of interior space !

Varun Sood Kuthiala Google Review

EDC has world class furniture designs which are apt not just for classes but very appealing to masses as well. It’s definitely a worth for the spend.

dharmansh jindal Google Review

I would totally recommend this as they have an amazing range of furniture and decor, with good quality finishes. The people who are looking for something that is above ordinary or different, this is the right place!